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Western-style Chef

Work/Medical trip in: Northeast Asia

Dates: 08/15/2019 - 09/01/2020

Cost: $5,611.12

Ministry Description


Serve seven American/western-style meals/per week to 35-60 staff and students at the Word of Life Bible Institute on beautiful Jeju Island in South Korea. You would share the responsibility of overseeing food service, food shopping and the training/discipleship of student workers with an Asian chef who speaks very good English. As the western chef you would also oversee the making of baked goods.


WOLBI Jeju is a launching pad into the rest of Asia. The whole purpose for its existence is to train and send out international teams into the least evangelized area of the globe. One thing we say at WOLBI Jeju is that if the food is not good or things are not good in the kitchen, then the campus and the student body are not good. Food plays a major role in the accomplishment of our mission here and in the experience of our students. We have such a mix of cultures here (Korean, North America, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, other countries as well) that to only serve Korean food or only American food would be very hard on a significant segment of our class. So our menu includes Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisine. So we need at least two chefs every year: an Asian chef and a Western chef. Those chefs work together to maintain the kitchen, to train/disciple students who work in the kitchen and serve tasty and healthy food for students and staff.


The Jeju International Airport (CJU) is just 30 minutes from our campus.


If single, then you would at least have your own room in a shared apartment with other staff singles.


You should get an international driving permit in order to be able to drive the WOLBI vehicles for shopping. These can also be signed out for personal use for a mileage charge.


You would be free to eat all of your meals at the cafeteria or you could prepare some in your home.


We would apply for a 2-year missionary visa for you and coach you through that process.

What to Bring

A lot of things are available in Korea (at stores or through internet shopping). But if you wear large shoes or clothing, you may not be able to get your size here so you should bring those. Antiperspirant is also hard to find here.

Dress Code

Enclosed shoes in the kitchen and long pants. Other than that just casual clothing.


Cooking experience, of course, and a heart to serve and to experience other cultures. The job can be somewhat physically demanding so someone between 20-60 years old is preferable.

Financial Information

Everyone who serves at WOLBI Jeju is a faith missionary. So we do ask each staff member to raise support. The more support you raise, the more freedom you have to minister and get around. However, the amount of support required is somewhat negotiable depending on the urgency of filling the need and the person's circumstances.

Contact Information

Rhonda Nicholes wolrhonda@gmail.com 518-494-6000 rhonda.nicholes Rhonda Green Nicholes https://www.wolbijeju.org/

Other Information

This is a great opportunity for someone to use their cooking skills to disciple cross-culturally.