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Kevin and Gretchen Gregory

Missionary to Poland

Ministry Description

This summer, July 7th-22nd, I have the awesome opportunity to join a team of fellow young people to serve in the country of Poland. My team and I will be going through a program called Student Fusion that is a part of Word of Life Fellowship.

Through the ministry of camp and street evangelism, I will have the opportunity to build relationships and have personal conversations with Polish young people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My responsibilities will be serving in camp and sharing the Gospel on the streets of Polish cities. While in camp my ministry will look like anything from washing dishes, counseling young people, interacting in activities, etc. All with the purpose of sharing Jesus with the people of Polish.

Please pray with me as I prepare to go as well as consider joining my financial support team. I will keep you updated on the exciting things to come as I prepare and go to Poland.

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