Blast From the Past

The Story

My name is Jeff Welch, I serve as an intern with Sam Frey as part of the Open Air Evangelism team. I was ministering with Sam and a team in Queens one day two weeks ago when I met a man named George. A lady who was partnering with us handed him a tract and then said to me, “He is just standing there reading that! Should you go talk to him?” I proceeded to strike up a conversation with George. As we spoke to one another I discerned that he understood certain aspects of the Bible and the gospel message but was missing a few key elements necessary for salvation. We spoke about the Deity of Christ, His death and His resurrection. As we spoke I realized that he was trusting his good works to save him. After an hour of discussion George decided that in order to be saved he knew it had to be all of Christ and none of himself. George solidly professed Christ as Savior that day. Here’s the kicker, right as he trusted Christ he noticed my Word of Life wristband. George told me, “No way! I went to the Island in Schroon Lake as a teenager! I rejected Christ there!” God is sovereign and nothing can escape His perfect will. Twenty years after rejecting Christ at the Island George trusted Christ on a street corner in Queens, NY. Praise the Lord for a new brother in Christ!

Jeff Welch



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