Jesus Is The Only Key That Fits Your Heart

The Story

From Peter Lindblom, a Cross Cultural Intern with Word of Life:

After a loaded week of ministry with the Missions Reality trip, I had a bunch of homework to complete on the weekend. I was hoping to work on it after church until going to bed.But of course, I shouldn’t have expected such plans to actually happen; this is Latin America after all! After dropping another intern off at the bus station, running errands, getting lunch, picking up and dropping off people, we went to get a locksmith to help us get some students into their house. For some reason the lock on their door just wouldn’t turn. While I was watching and holding the light for the locksmith, the Holy Spirit convicted me to share the Gospel with him. I was super nervous, but I shared the Gospel anyway. I started by asking his name and then launched into sharing the Gospel, using a lock & key analogy. I can only give God the credit for giving me the words to say:) Miguel was Catholic, and didn’t want to accept the possibility that Jesus alone could pay for his sins. But my breath was not spent in vain, for Miguel’s son, who had tagged along, trusted in Jesus alone for salvation! Now I know why the lock wouldn’t turn! In this respect, it was all totally worth the “loss” of “my” time:)

Peter Lindblom



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