Park Evangelizing

The Story

During our time evangelizing in the park, we stopped to talk to a man named Christian. Christian told us a little bit of his life story, about how we went to a church and responded to the Gospel but after his family had some problems he left the church. He explained that as a teenager, he got into a lot of sin and wondered if God could still forgive him. He said he was unsure he was even saved. It was an amazing moment because as I translated the Gospel message for him he was so attentive. I shared a little bit about Christ’s sacrifice, how it is sufficient to forgive all sins even those we haven’t committed yet, how salvation only comes by believing in Jesus and the work He did on the cross, and that salvation has nothing to do with performance so you can’t lose it. Seeing the joy in his eyes after this was so moving. I prayed with him and commented that God had brought us to him for a reason at just the right time; he agreed. Pray for Christian!