Student Fusion Belize 2016

The Story

I just wanted to share about the transformation in the lives of the students that went on Student Fusion Belize 2016. We had a team total of 18 (13 high school students and 5 staff) as we went to minister alongside of our Word of Life team in Belize for 10 days. We ministered in VBS, OAE and preparing for English camp. Through all the ministry that was done I was amazed to observe how the Lord was working specifically in the lives of the high school students that were on our team. Lives in Belize were touched, but the lives of these 15 high school students are forever changed as well.

To hear from one of the boys, Taylor Cranfill, about how the Lord has radically changed his view on ministry, missions and people was contagiously exciting. After leading a young boy to Christ through an opportunity at a basketball court, Taylor came up to me smiling from ear to ear saying “after my own personal salvation, there is nothing more exciting than this right now.” I am reminded that this is why we do what we do. Young people falling more in love with the person of Jesus is beyond worth it. Taylor and his fellow team members are now entering back into their spheres of influence with a fresh passion and perspective of ministry and mission. And I pray, that as we discussed while in Belize, that our experience in Belize will not just be 2 weeks of mission but that it will lead to a life that is on mission for the work of our Savior.

Farelly Patt



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