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Not only will you help change someone’s earthly life – you’ll impact their eternal life. By being involved in missions, you can take part in God’s plan to reach the nations.

Work Trip Adventures trip in: Mexico

Dates: 06/18/2021 - 06/26/2021

Cost: $561.10

Ministry Description


Here'a just a little about this amazing camp property. The camp is located at 7,000 feet elevation and very dry most of the year. Water is in short supply. Green areas add visual life but need built in small sections to conserve water. Even though small, these add so much color to the dry surroundings. Building small, manageable areas of "green" is important to the overall look of an attractive campus for the camp and Bible Institute. If you enjoy landscaping and design, then this trip is for you.
These areas will change the appearance of the already beautiful property. What people see as a first impression is so important. The natural beauty of the property helps set the listening attitude for what is to come. There are other projects as well: repair the roof on the Christian School, build new staff housing, build a whole new Bible Institute, paint or coat the concrete roofs and much more.


A second major project is the Christian school on property. What started as a school for missionary children has grown reaching many families in the local towns. The school needs more room. A new, large, attractive play ground would be an added blessing for the school and camp. The school located beside the main camp auditorium is in the center of the camp property. The school also needs a large room that will hold 150 students. 50% of the students are now from the surrounding towns.


You'll fly about 2.5 hours from Houston TX into Queretaro International Airport which is just 15 minutes from the camp property. Flights can also be arranged from several other cities such as Dallas, Atlanta and Miami.


Camp housing is in nice dorms all with ceramic tile floors and bathrooms. Very nice facilities.


The road infrastructural close the to camp is in excellent condition. Most major highways are 4 to 6 lanes.


FOOD!!!! Do you like Mexican food? Spicy tacos? Great burritos? Join this trip to taste the real deal! You'll enjoy the care given by the staff to make this a trip to remember.


No visa is required to enter Mexico but you must have a valid passport.

What to Bring

Tools are supplied so bring gloves, a sun hat and maybe some minor tools. A list of needed things will be sent when the team is closer to leaving. The electric voltage is the same as the USA. You can get a "real" hat at the local market for around $7. If you have extra luggage room you might fill up your luggage limit in clothing to give to the staff. Invite your friends and church to collect T-shirts and jeans to donate. T-shirts should not have printing with US flags and such.

Dress Code

Traveling in March or April it is a cooler month so will be cooler at night. Warm clothing is needed in the late evening and mornings. Temp can drop into the 40's. So it's warm in the day and cool at night. You can work in shorts or long pants but dress in layers as temps change throughout the day according to cloud cover and wind.
June is a beautiful time of year to visit. Temps are very nice so warm days and cool night can be expected. The summers are hot and dry.
If your trip is in Oct or Nov, the temps are very similar to March.
Church is business casual.


These projects are designed for everyone to attend. A love for the Lord and a willingness to serve are what we are looking for. If you can do these things, you qualify!

Financial Information

Trip cost covers food, lodging, in-country transportation, background check, travel insurance, $80 staff host cost & $125 work project funds

Contact Information

Ron Morton RonMorton@wol.org 419-569-1226 http://www.pdv.org.mx

Other Information

There is so much that can be done at the camp and all skills and talents are needed. There is room for the entire family to go along. Work trips are great opportunities for grandparents to introduce their grand children to missions. So come along and join in the fun of serving the Lord together at WOL Mexico!