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Work Trip Adventures trip in: Paraguay

Dates: 05/26/2021 - 06/08/2021

Cost: $645.00

Ministry Description


- Modification and repair of electricity and water lines in existing buildings
- New electricity and water lines in the camping area.


- Our first priority for the property is to have efficient electricity and water lines in the camping area, which is necessary for us to start camps.
- We have only had the property for 8 months and we need to put it into operation in full (modifications and repairs) in order to have camp there this summer.


- Name of the airport: Silvio Petirossi, Luque, Gran Asunción. (25 ° 14'23 "S 57 ° 31'09" W)
- Trip to the field: 28.3 Miles, 60 minutes. (25 ° 11'40.8 "S 57 ° 14'21.9" W)


We have two options: Hotel or the property
- Hotel: 35-45 minutes of the property at 50 dollars per day in rooms of two.
- Property: 5 suites, up to 6 people per suite, they do not have air conditioning at the moment.


- Ministry vehicles.


- The local food is very similar to that of the USA
- We have a team of chefs with experience in the local and international field.


The requirements to obtain the ARRIVAL VISAS are:
1. Valid passport.
2. CASH payment of US $ 160.00 of the corresponding tariff. (the bills have to be in new or nearly perfect quality and only $50 and $20 bills can be used)

What to Bring

You'll need to take along your own bedding (twin sheets), towels, and personal items. A list of necessary needed tools will be sent to you closer to the trip dates. Simple things such as hammers, screwdrivers, tape measures, etc are always good things to take along. The electric is 240 volt. Many phone and computer chargers adjust to this voltage but check yours before plugging it in. Some cordless tool chargers handle a range of voltage as well.

Dress Code

- Paraguay is a country with a subtropical climate; therefore warm climate clothing is


Financial Information

Trip cost covers: food, lodging, transportation, background check and travel insurance plus
$125 work funds, $120 host cost, $40 Transportation per trip

Contact Information

Terry Wisser TerryWisser@wol.org 518-788-7763

Other Information