Missions Opportunities

Not only will you help change someone’s earthly life – you’ll impact their eternal life. By being involved in missions, you can take part in God’s plan to reach the nations.

Launch ShortTerm Missionary trip in: South Korea

Dates: 03/01/2022 - 12/09/2022

Cost: $8,124.00

Ministry Description


You will lead and serve our SYME students. This includes discipleship and teaching.
Discipleship: From Tuesday thru Friday you would help disciple a small group of about 5-10 students. You would check their Quiet Time diaries, facilitate a sharing time, eat meals with them and encourage them in their Christian faith and their English language learning. You would also be involved with a journaling ministry with several students, giving advice on everything from how to improve their English to how to know God better.
Teaching: Every day you would teach classes in simple English conversation, possibly reading, writing or pronunciation and facilitate an English Bible study class. The curriculum, lesson timeline, and basic lesson outline are provided, but it is the teacher's responsibility to lesson plan. Lesson planning will taught in teacher orientation, and there are other teachers to help.


SYME (School of Youth Ministries in English) trains Asian young adults (ages 20-30) in discipleship, youth ministry and English. During the course of each term, we have the privilege of seeing these young people grow in their knowledge and relationship with the Lord. Many come to know Him as their personal Savior. Typically, after a student finishes the full 8 month program, they choose to go to Word of Life Bible Institute either on Jeju Island in South Korea or elsewhere. These are the future leaders of the church in Korea and volunteer teachers have the privilege of impacting their lives!


You would fly to Incheon Airport. The cost of a plane ticket is between $1,000 and $1,500 depending on where you are flying from. The trip is approximately 20-24 hours. Layovers may extend this time.
Due to Covid, Korea requires that all travelers flying into Korea must quarantine for 10 days. You also need to get a Covid test prior to flying to Korea, once you get to Korea, and one more time before getting out of quarantine.
If you are coming to serve for 90 days or less, you would enter Korea on a tourist visa, which you will get upon arrival at Incheon Airport.
For those that come to Korea on a tourist visa, you will need to quarantine in a Korean government designated facility and pay approximately $142/day which will cover your food and stay(prices may change).
If you are coming to serve for more than 90 days, we will apply for a missionary (D6) visa, and you can quarantine in one of our apartments.
Also, recently Korea is now requiring everyone to show proof of vaccination to go to many indoors places (cafes, restaurants, etc).
Email us at symekorea@gmail.com with your travel itinerary and we will work with you to provide the necessary transportation to our campus.


Unmarried short-term missionaries are usually provided with a room near our facility. The students do not typically stay during weekends. Married short-term missionaries can stay in a guest room, which is an apartment with a bedroom, a small living area and a bathroom. A kitchen is also available for all the teachers. Housing is usually near the SYME campus.


Transportation is readily available via walking, subway, bus and taxi. Volunteers with driving experience and an international drivers license may be able to use some of our vehicles. Some of the full time missionaries have vehicles and have been more than generous with offering to take you with them when they go to the grocery store or to church.


Korean food is both spicy and non spicy. The dining room is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Tuesday breakfast through Friday lunch. Beginning on Friday evening until Monday evening, meals are on your own. There are many choices of food available, but most of them are not your normal American food. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the tastes of Korean culture. Mrs. Han, the school cook, is an excellent cook and provides delicious meals. She has often prepared a dish for the teachers if the other food is too spicy. You can buy a meal in a restaurant for around $7 - $10. There is also a nearby market that sells fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a variety of other foods. Several western-style restaurants are also close by.


United States citizens can stay in Korea on a tourist visa for up to 90 days and Canadian citizens for up to 180 days. During one term, U.S. citizens will have to take a visa trip to another country to renew your tourist visa. You can budget $250 - $500 for this trip. If you plan to stay for longer than one term, you can receive a volunteer/missionary (D-6) visa that allows you to stay for 1 year. If you plan to receive a 1 year visa, we will assist you through that process.

What to Bring

Please bring your Bible. We teach from the ESV as it is easier for students to understand and is available in the Korean/English translation. Small gifts for the students are received with great appreciation. They like Small book markers, small cards for writing notes (this is deeply appreciated), and American candy. They also enjoy playing games and are willing to learn. Uno, Dutch Blitz, Speedo are just a few of the games that they enjoy playing when they have free time. Also, if you want to go shopping, please bring what money you feel you need for souvenirs. There are several places reachable by subway that you can enjoy tourist type shopping. Most places accept credit cards also. If you have a laptop and wish to bring it, you may. WIFI is available in SYME. There is a computer available in SYME for checking emails, typing letters etc. Don't forget to bring a camera, calendar, and adapters/converters as 220v is used in South Korea.

Dress Code

During classes, we ask that you wear business casual. Female teachers can wear skirts, dresses or dress pants. Male teachers should wear khakis or dress pants and a collared shirt. Outside of SYME and on the weekends, dress can be casual but modest. Also, bring comfortable walking shoes, whatever is best for your feet – not good dress shoes for everyday wear. Bring comfortable slip-on slippers to wear inside your apartment and in SYME. Shoes are normally left in a designated area at the door in apartments, restaurants, etc. Bring clothing appropriate to Virginia weather and seasons. You may want to bring one nice outfit in case you are invited to attend a special occasion. More information on appropriate dress will be provided later.


All the classes at SYME are taught in English by short-term and long-term missionaries. Short-term missionaries are normally college graduates or people with experience who are native English speakers and are able to teach a small group of 5-12 students.

Financial Information

Trip cost covers: school meals and money to cover weekend meals, lodging, background check and travel insurance plus $275/month stipend for travel and amenities. This does not include airfare which is normally $1,000-1,500 round trip. Also, the stipend and money to cover weekend meals is optional. The breakdown will be given in detail at a later time. The above amounts are only an estimate.

Contact Information

Lauren Stone symekorea@gmail.com

Other Information

There are several good churches available and the staff will be happy to assist you in deciding which one you would like to attend. Many people come thinking that they will have a tremendous impact on the students. You do. However, the students have a tremendous impact on you also. It has been said that you can’t out-give a Korean. Their lives are so touched by simple kindnesses and they are willing to share whatever they have. It's the culture. They want to know they are loved. This simple act of showing Christ's love to them has brought many to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Zig Ziglar said “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” The time that you invest into the lives of these young men and women may not be seen while you are here, but many students have professed that SYME changed their lives. Be a part of what God is doing. Come join us!