Missions Opportunities

Not only will you help change someone’s earthly life – you’ll impact their eternal life. By being involved in missions, you can take part in God’s plan to reach the nations.

Launch ShortTerm Missionary trip in: Taiwan

Dates: 01/13/2021 - 11/07/2021

Cost: $30.00

Ministry Description


If you are involved in SYME, Tuesday through Friday you will pour yourself into a small group of students. You would check their Quiet Time Diaries, facilitate a sharing time, eat meals with them and encourage them in their Christian faith and English language learning. You would teach classes in simple English reading, writing or pronunciation and English conversation, and facilitate an English Bible study class. The materials for each of the three 50-minute classes you would teach will be provided. The students are required to speak only in English.

Actual dates to arrive in Taiwan and to depart Taiwan:
Winter Term: 1/13/2021-3/14/2021
Spring Term: 3/31/2021-5/30/2021
Summer Term: 6/30/2021-8/29/2021
Fall Term: 9/8/2021-11/7/2021

Actual term dates:
Winter Term: 1/18/2021-3/13/2021
Spring Term: 4/5/2021-5/29/2021
Summer Term: 7/5/2021-8/28/2021
Fall Term: 9/13/2021-11/6/2021

If you are involved in summer camp, you would teach a group of kids or young people simple English while building relationships throughout the week. You would help run camp games and activities in a day camp setting.


Short-term missionaries fill vital roles within WOL Taiwan. Whether it’s teaching English or Bible or serving with camps, Launch participants are on the front lines on ministry by connecting and building relationships with campers and students. It’s often short-term missionaries who share the Gospel and have important spiritual conversations with the students and campers they have close relationships with.


a. What is the best airport to fly in and out of? Taoyuan (TPE)
b. What city is the airport in? Taoyuan (near Taipei)


Unmarried teachers are usually provided with a private room in an apartment/dorm. The apartments average 3 to 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms and house about 10 students. Eighty percent of our students go home on the weekends. Students from a long distance away usually continue to live in the dorms during the weekend. When available, married couples can stay in our efficiency apartment with a small bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom and kitchen. All housing is within a 5 to 10 minute walk from SYME.
For camp, housing is provided either by the church or at a nearby house or apartment.


Taiwan has very affordable public transportation such as city buses, taxies, inter-city buses, trains and a high-speed train. Often, short-term missionaries can ride in the SYME van or with other staff who have vehicles to ministry locations, church and fun outings.


For SYME teachers, meals are provided at SYME Tuesday through Friday. For Camp staff, churches will provide meals during the week. For the weekends, there are many good restaurants within walking distance. KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and even Coldstone are all close by. There are also many good Taiwanese restaurants. There will also be a kitchen available where they are staying.


For those staying longer than a year, a missionary visa would be considered. Otherwise, a landing visa given on arrival is all that is necessary. Applicants staying longer than a year will be contacted and helped through any visa process.

What to Bring

WOL SYME provides sheets, comforter, pillow, and a towel.

At the Airport -
Customs Information
Contact: Nelson Buchanan
Address: 2F, #1 Daen St. Xitun District, Taichung, Taiwan
Nelson’s Cell: 0903583820
*Please be sure to put “visiting friends” as your purpose of traveling (not studying or teaching).

SIM Cards -
We have wifi at SYME (with restricted phone usage hours), but we do not provide wifi at the dorms.
If you need data and your phone is unlocked, please purchase a SIM card at the airport before exiting Customs. The two-month plan is cheaper than buying two one-month plans.

Exchanging money -
It is the easiest to exchange at the airport. Use ATMs to withdraw money, they are everywhere. Be sure to check with your bank and inform them that you will be out of the country.

Transportation to SYME
If you are taking the bus to Taichung, ask at the Information Desk for “buses to Taichung” after you exit customs. You will need about 300 NT for the bus ticket (about $10 USD). Take the green UBus to ChaoMa Station. Buses run about every 30 minutes until around 10:30 pm. Send your pickup contact your bus departure time (or a text as you near the station if you have a SIM card). It will be a 1.5 to 2 hour bus ride. The driver will announce the stop name so you will know when to get off (or you can ask someone to be sure. People are very friendly and helpful!). Your pickup contact will meet you at Chaoma Station.
If you need to, you could take a taxi to SYME. You can get help ordering a taxi at 7-11. SYME’s address in Chinese (you could show the taxi driver):

Purchase upon Arrival -
You can purchase your toiletries (body wash, soap, shampoo, and toothbrush, etc.) and laundry detergent in Taiwan to reduce the weight of your luggage.

Communication -
In Taiwan, we use an app called “LINE” to communicate. Please download and create an account before departing your country.
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/tw/app/line/id443904275?l=en
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.naver.line.android&hl=en

Dress Code

General Info - No matter where you go during your term of service with SYME, it is essential that modest, good taste always be shown in attire. This includes weekends and “off” times. Good hygiene and cleanliness are to be observed: clothing should be neat, unwrinkled and modest -- not grungy, tattered, see-through, too short or with low necklines. No undergarments should be visible.

While working at SYME - Business Casual -
Men: collared shirts such as a dress shirt or polo, sweaters with non-denim pants. Hair/facial hair should be well groomed.

Women: slacks, pants, capris (all non-denim), modest dresses or skirts, sweaters, blouses, collared shirts or nice, fitted v-neck or scoop-neck t-shirts without words/pictures/drawings/cartoon characters etc., (florals, stripes, polka dots, and similarly tasteful patterns/accents are allowed). Sleeveless tops are permitted with discretion, providing straps are wide and armholes do not allow for unnecessary exposure. Bra straps should not be visible.

Head and Footwear: No hats in classes, meetings or meals.
No backless shoes or flip flops during classes/normal work hours.
(In Taiwan, footwear without backs or heel-straps are considered house slippers.)

-- Dress Code Timeline --
• Tuesdays-Thursdays: Business Casual
• Fridays: Business Casual Plus (may incorporate jeans and/or SYME T-shirts)
• Fridays (after hours) - Mondays: *Casual
• Friend Day: Business (Please dress a step-up from what you usually do for business casual: dress shoes/sandals)

At churches in Taiwan, you could wear anything from a dress to a t-shirt.


Financial Information

Monthly Budget -
Field Expenses (Food, housing, ministry expenses, stipend) - $670.
Insurance - $1.83/day +/-
12% Admin Fee

Airfare - $1800 +/-

Contact Information


Other Information