Missions Opportunities

Not only will you help change someone’s earthly life – you’ll impact their eternal life. By being involved in missions, you can take part in God’s plan to reach the nations.

Launch ShortTerm Missionary trip in: Northeast Asia

Dates: 08/28/2021 - 08/31/2022

Cost: $30.00

Ministry Description


The responsibility of the Dean of Men is to spiritually lead and oversee the male students. The main focus of the Dean of Men is to disciple the male students which includes biblical counseling, teaching, guidance, accountability, and confrontation. The goal of the Dean of Men is to train the male students in the Word of God - teaching them to live Christ-centered lives, helping them develop a biblical worldview, and equipping them to go preach the gospel and make disciples. Specific jobs include:
- To feed yourself spiritually in order to lead others spiritually.
- To have monthly discipleship meetings with each student.
.- To disciple male DA’s individually once a week.
- To meet together with all the DA’s once a week.
- To give biblical counsel whenever necessary.
- To enforce rules with the goal of discipleship.
- The address the student body as a whole when issues arise.
- To lead “Dean Devos” once a week.
- To be able to occasionally preach.
- To check the dorms once a week at a random time to enforce cleanliness


WOLBI Jeju (located on Jeju Island off the southern tip of South Korea) is a one-year cross-cultural Bible Institute that was established to be a launching pad for sending young people into the most unreached parts of the world with the Gospel. Each year we have students from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the US, Canada, and other countries come for training. These students potentially can become full-time workers in one the most unreached parts of the globe in the future. The Dean of Men's job is a frontline position for discipling the male students. It is a cross-cultural ministry but all done in English.


It costs about $1200 to fly from the US to Jeju Island. Due to COVID it also now involves a 2-week quarantine on our property once you arrive on Jeju.


Housing is on campus in an apartment probably shared with other single male staff members. If this position is filled by someone who is married, you and your spouse would have your own apartment.


We are in the country so public transportation is limited but still accessible. However, it is best if you are able to get an international driving permit that is good for 12 months and allows you to drive a 12-passenger van. That allows you to be able to use ministry vehicles.


Most single staff eat lunch and dinner on property. Breakfast is normally eaten in their apartment. Deans should at least plan to eat lunch at the cafeteria each day as a means of connecting with students.


We will work with you to apply for a missionary visa to Korea. That paperwork needs to begin at least 2-3 months prior to arrival target date.

What to Bring

Clothing and shoes for the year, personal amenities, vitamins/medicines, definitely bring antiperspirant (not available in Korea); Jeju weather is four seasons but not too cold in winter so wearing layers is the best way to plan.

Dress Code

Neat, clean and modest casual is generally acceptable in most situations here. We do have a couple of banquets during the year that require dress up clothes.


A love for people and experience in discipleship and counselling (like at WOL/WOLBI) and a willingness to learn other cultures.

Financial Information

For a single about $1100/month and $2350 of one-time costs.

Monthly costs:
$100 Rent
$100 Electricity, LPG gas, internet, water (average per month living conservatively; some months more, some less)
$374 Meals at WOLBI ($7/meal/person lunches and dinners)
$100 Korean insurance (required by Korean government)
$30 Cellphone service used conservatively
$85 for Launch insurance
$200 personal spending (personal transportation; breakfasts at home; entertainment; eating out, touring)
12% WOL admin fee

One-time costs:
$2200 plane tickets to get here
$150 visa costs

Contact Information

Other Information

Contact Steve Nicholes snicholes1@wol.org to set up an interview.