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Not only will you help change someone’s earthly life – you’ll impact their eternal life. By being involved in missions, you can take part in God’s plan to reach the nations.

Work Trip Adventures trip in: Costa Rica

Dates: 02/26/2021 - 03/06/2021

Cost: $578.26

Ministry Description


WOL Costa Rica will once again host a 10 work trip event. These trips have been going every year since 1999 and have challenged the hearts many. Much of the camp construction has been done by these volunteer groups. Buildings, sidewalk, dorms, stone walls, metal construction, concrete block, even the main camp road which took over 200,000 concrete pavers. All these "material things" have been used to reach thousands of youth with the gospel of Christ.
There are several other work teams needed during the year so please contact Ron Morton for more info. RonMorton@wol.org or 419-569-1226


Two projects for the Feb/Mar work trip are targeted:
1: New staff housing is need for new missionaries.
2: Landscaping on the entrance end of the dining hall. This involves block work, sidewalks, stone wall, lawn work, irrigation lines, soil prep for plants, painting. The end of the dining hall has a large patio area with a conference room for 80 people. The snack shack is also in the area.


2018 work trip: Your flights will arrive into San Jose or Liberia Saturday Feb 26 It's important that the whole team flies into the same airport so wait to purchase your airline tickets until advised.


There are 2 main dorm areas at the camp. The nights cool down for a good night's sleep. The camp also has 3 small guest apartments for married couples.


Our groups are picked up in a bus and taken to the camp property about 2.5 hours away. Roads are nice and the mountains beautiful.


The food always receives very high remarks on this trip. The gals from our work team serve along side the Costa Rican staff to prepare USA and national dishes. Work team members return over and over again to serve with Fanny and the CR staff in the kitchen. Or could it be the leisure afternoon trips to the pool every day? Regardless of the reason, you'll eat well on this trip!!!!


There is no entrance visa but there is an airport exit tax of about $30. Sometimes this is included in your airline ticket fare. This charge is not figured into your trip cost.

What to Bring

Bed sheets, towels, personal items, light blanket and maybe an air mattress if you like. There are many tools at the camp and a list of needs will be sent when you sign up to go along. You WILL NEED a large brimmed hat for sun protection and sunblock.

Dress Code

It's hot, 75 to 95 every day, and most work is done in shorts and T-shirts. The gals may feel cooler in a light dress. Sunday church is casual dress but nice.


These projects are designed for everyone to attend. A love for the Lord to serve and a willingness to be blessed are what we are looking for. If you can do these things, you qualify!

Financial Information

Trip cost covers: food, lodging, transportation, background check and travel insurance plus
$125 work funds, $75 host cost, $45 Transportation per trip

Contact Information

Ron Morton RonMorton@wol.org 419-569-1226 Ron Morton

Other Information

There is so much that can be done at the camp and all skills and talents are needed. There is room for the entire family to go along. Work trips are great opportunities for grandparents to introduce their grand children to missions.