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Work Trip Adventures trip in: Canada

Dates: 05/08/2021 - 05/16/2021

Cost: $186.68

Ministry Description


Work Trip dates in April, May, and October

Please consider how you might be able to come to Owen Sound, ON to help us with this project. Obviously because of our tight window time is of the essence.

Description of Projects:
1. Re-shingling of gymnasium and/or Girls' Dorm
Remove existing worn out shingles, insulation and sheathing and replace with new materials. Two sections of low slope roof approximately 30 by 40 feet each at opposite ends of the gymnasium building allowing two groups of 4-6 people to work at the same time on these roofs.

The Girls' Dorm is a building approximately 160 feet long with several sections with most of it being one story high with low slopes, and a center section which is two stores high with a slightly greater slope. This building can accommodate a team of 20 individuals easily given its size.

Complete removal and clean up of old materials and installation of new materials will be required.

2. Renovating Boys' Dorm Room(s):
This project will involve 4 people per room, at least one skilled. The project involves installation of insulation, vapor barrier, drywall, drywall finishing, suspended ceiling and tile flooring in a room approximately 12 feet by 30 feet. Once construction is completed the room will be painted and furniture assembled and placed for incoming Bible Institute students.

Please consider how you might be able to come to Owen Sound, ON to help us with this project.


The campus is located near Owen Sound, Ontario and services over 1,200 summer and winter campers and 30 - 40 Bible Institute students. The facilities are being upgraded according to our plan of enhancing the campus to provide a better college experience for our students, one that takes place on a campus that more accurately resembles a college than a camp. As an added bonus, our campers are given upgraded accommodations. While the condition of the facility does not directly result in spiritual impact, we know that a poor facility reflects poorly on Word of Life and Christianity, and as a result we believe that high quality facilities will enhance our testimony in the community and our credibility with both our prospective students and their families, and our campers and their families. This is a critical element to our strategic goal of growing our Bible Institute to the 50-60 student range in the next five years, our summer camp to over 600 and our winter camp to over 700 in the same time period.


We are located two hours north west of Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Most work teams have chosen to drive as we are 4 hours straight north of Buffalo, NY, and 5 hours north east of Detroit in the beautiful Georgian Bay region of Central Ontario.


While on campus work teams stay dormitory facilities, either in the student dorm rooms or in other dormitory facilities used for our camping ministry. Meals are provided in our dining room according to our campus meal schedule.


For those who don't care to fly, You can drive to our property!


Depending on when the team is on campus meals may be taken with students and staff. The work day schedule would begin with breakfast at 7:30 am followed by project work from 8 am through to lunch time, with a break of 1 hour at lunch then work until supper at 5:30 pm. Proper work clothing should be worn, based on the project being undertaken and the time of year. This would include modest shirts and pants, with shorts being acceptable weather permitting. Appropriate foot ware should be worn in all construction sites.


You WILL NEED an US Passport to enter Canada. Work teams will be provided with a letter of invitation from a member of our management team which, together with a valid passport, will be sufficient to facilitate crossing the border into Canada.

What to Bring

A list of needs and tools will be sent as the trip date gets closer

Dress Code

Climate and temperatures are similar to the north eastern United States so you might take clothing to dress in layers.


These projects are designed for everyone to attend. A love for the Lord to serve and a willingness to be blessed are what we are looking for. If you can do these things, you qualify!

Financial Information

Trip cost covers: food, lodging, transportation, background check and travel insurance plus
$125 work funds and host cost

Contact Information

Ron Morton RonMorton@wol.org 419-569-1226 Ron Morton

Other Information

Local shopping and restaurants provide similar experiences to what team members would find in their home locations with the exception of the currency being Canadian Dollars rather than U.S. Dollars. Currency can be exchanged at one of the five major banks in the City of Owen Sound or the town of Meaford. American currency can be used but the exchange rate will be much less favorable than at the banks.