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Not only will you help change someone’s earthly life – you’ll impact their eternal life. By being involved in missions, you can take part in God’s plan to reach the nations.

Work Trip Adventures trip in: Dominican Republic

Dates: 01/11/2021 - 01/22/2021

Cost: $784.00

Ministry Description


WOL DR purchased a new 15 acre beach front property January 2016 with 42 concrete buildings. Work began immediately to convert these into camper dorms, hotel rooms, staff housing and family units. This new developing camp property will house 400 campers, 32 married couple rooms, 12 family hotel units and so much more. A full sport complex is being prepared right now with the gym and swimming pool completed. There are three thatch roof buildings that serve as dining hall for 600 guests. An auditorium for 1,000 was started in May 2018. With so much to do we need your help! Volunteers can help us in many ways at the camp property. Help is needed to complete the work: landscaping, sidewalks, project construction, electrical, plumbing, painting and there is work for everyone.


Our goal is to use this camp property as a staging area for training young men and women sending them out into the churches in the DR to be servant leaders. At this time there are 60 Bible Club programs with over 300 leaders working with teens in their local churches. The camp will also be used for church retreats, conferences and of course SUMMER CAMP! As a volunteer, your hard work will help build the tools the missionaries need to reach these goals.


You'll fly into Santo Domingo Las Americas international airport, pay your $10 visa fee, get your passport stamped, collect your luggage, clear customs and you are on your way! Sound hard? It's not. The trip is so well worth the flight! Your route to the camp could be along the coastal parkway watching the blue waters of the Caribbean on this 1.45 hours by bus or right through the capital. Roads are nice and the camp is about 45 minutes west of Santo Domingo.


Housing will be in these new renovated camp dormitories with twin size mattresses (bunk beds) or as a couple you could be in one of the newly remodeled hotel units. All rooms have tiled bathroom, AC and are right on the beach!


You'll be picked up at the airport by our WOL staff.


Breakfast: fruit, pancakes, cereal, toast, eggs, ham, etc. Lunch: Sandwiches, chips, fruit, etc: Dinner: local Dominican meals as well as American meals such as spaghetti, tacos, pizza, etc. You'll eat really well! And if you enjoy good coffee you'll sure like this trip. Santo Domingo coffee is excellent so plan on taking some home with you!


Fill out the entry form and you are ready to go to passport control. You'll collect your luggage, clear customs and head to one of the greatest adventures of your life!

What to Bring

A list of tools and other items will be supplied closer to the trip dates. You'll need sun block and a brimmed hat for shade to cover your ears. Temps are nice so you can work in shorts or jeans. Depending on the time of year the humidly could be high in the DR so be ready to drink lots of water.
You'll need sheets for twin beds, a travel pillow, maybe a light blank (depends on how low the AC unit is set), towels, swimming suit, water shoes or sandals for the beach, special snacks if you need them, basic tools if you work with electric, plumbing or such, work gloves, maybe an umbrella would be good to have but hope we don't need it, a flash light, your personal items and extra shoes in case they get wet.
Voltage is the same as the US: 120 volt

Dress Code

You can work in shorts, T- shirt and comfortable shoes for working and maybe rubber boots during rainy season or when pouring concrete. Church is business causal so for the men dress pants with a collared shirt for church and ladies should plan on dress or skirts outfits. Depending on your work project you might use jeans to work in because of the foliage. Cool nights are wonderful after the hot days.


These projects are designed for everyone to attend. We are looking for these two qualities in our team members: A love for the Lord to serve and a willingness to be blessed. Is this you? If you can do these things, you qualify! Everyone can attend this trip so bring the whole family and enjoy a week on the beach with us in the Dom Rep!

Financial Information

Trip cost covers food, lodging, in country transportation, background check, travel insurance, $125 work funds and $75 host cost. Airfare is not included. Airfares run from $500 to $750 from the east coast depending on the time of year.

Contact Information

Ron Morton RonMorton@wol.org 419-569-1226 Ron Morton

Other Information

The people in the Dominican are very open to hearing about the gospel. They envy the American lifestyle and are very friendly towards tourists. Baseball is the king of sports in the DR so bring your glove!

The property is located on the coast in Playa (Bani) just 45 minutes south west of the capital.
During rainy seasons it will rain everyday, usually a quick 1 hr storm passes through every afternoon and many time rains at night. Temps are in the 80's to 90's most days with humidity around 80%. It cools down at night so is wonderful to sit and enjoy the ocean breeze.
Dry season is 90's, cooler at night making it easier to work because of the lower humidity.
May-Nov is the rainy season. It is much dryer at this new property and the ground is sandy making it easy to continue to work.

Mosquitoes and black flies are sometimes bad so bug spray with high deet helps. You can also mix your own bug spray: Avon "Skin-So-Soft" as a base then add tea tree and Citronella oil. Mosquitoes don't like this mixture. Your friends may not get too close as well! Here's one you might try. Vitamin B-1 is also known to help keep these insects off so start taking this three weeks before your travel dates to help.

These projects are designed for everyone to attend. A love for the Lord to serve and a willingness to be blessed are what we are looking for. If you can do these things, you qualify! This trip is a great one to take your whole family or church and enjoy a week on the beach with us in the Dom Rep!

Oh yes, one of the rules of the beach: Don't walk or sit under the coconut trees!
So are you ready to sign up for this amazing trip? Payments can be made on line using this link: https://give.wol.org/003J7C
Project account: International Work Team Proj Fund #003J7C