Ministry Description

In January of 1971, Joe and Melva Jordan arrived in Argentina to begin a new Word of Life ministry. In 1972, a beautiful 30-acre camp property was purchased in Monte just 62 miles from the capital city, Buenos Aires. Word of Life Argentina is now directed by Sergio Martinez, and serves as the hub for Word of Life's Spanish-speaking ministries in Latin America and the Caribbean. The property now doubles as a youth camp for over 4,500 young people each summer and as a Bible Institute for over 500 students from 24 countries during the remainder of the year.

Location Information

Argentina, covering an area of 2.8 million kilometers is the eighth largest country in the world. Argentina's land ranges from a subtropical climate in the north, where Iguazu Falls is found to be larger than the Niagara Falls, to the wilderness of the Patagonia in the south, eventually reaching into Antarctica. The country's population, approximately 33 million, is mostly of Italian and Spanish decent. However, after the World Wars a great influx of northern Europeans occurred. About one half of the population live in the beautiful capital of Buenos Aires. Roman Catholicism is the country's official religion, but many are Catholic by name only and are very receptive to the message of the gospel. Since the 80's, there has been strong interest in the Word of God, with many turning to Christ.

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