Asia 2

Ministry Description

Our strategy for reaching this country by intentionally sharing Gospel is through Camping, English For Life (EFL), and Local Church Ministry (LCM). In the Camping ministry, we run the program of a school or church. This gives us the liberty to plug-in counseling sessions where we share the Gospel with the campers one-on-one. The English For Life (EFL) ministry online, uses the English language as a platform for sharing the Gospel. Through this ministry, we have been able to minister to the other islands in (country's name withheld) and even beyond its neighboring country. We have students in different levels of the English language. There are 4 Terms in a year and 8 weeks per term. Before the end of each term, we schedule a time to share the Gospel online one-on-one. Lastly, LCM is the one ministry that has always stayed with us even from the very beginning. Through one small LCM church, we started English Café, unbeknownst to us that God would blossom this ministry into a flourishing and effective evangelistic platform it is today. We now have a potential to work with 85 churches where our students are current members of. We have eighty-five churches to train as leaders and teach how to grow in Christ, including how to share our faith with others.

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