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Begun in 1970, Word of Life Australia is led today by Martin Garcia. The missionary team operates Bible Clubs in local churches in Sydney and Melbourne.

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With its 7,680,000 square kilometers, Australia is both the world's smallest continent and the world's sixth largest country. This multicultural country, with 17 million inhabitants, is situated between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The east and southeast coasts are the most populated areas, as the interior of the country is mostly grassland and desert. A fascinating mixture of fauna and flora, with distinctive plants like gum tree and eucalyptus, makes the country unique. Australia is a secular country with freedom of religion. The Aborigines (original inhabitants) claim a spiritual connection with nature and express their beliefs through rituals, myth, music and art. About 40 percent of Australians claim to be Protestants and 26 percent identify with Catholicism.

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