Ministry Description

Since the very first Word of Life youth club started in 2010, our desire has always been to reach Belize with the life-change Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Understanding the challenge it is to reach every young person in Belize, we focus on ministry avenues that stay true to the Word of God while offering programs that are relevant in today’s culture. Outreach ministries include camping ministry, open air ministry and highschool ministry, among others. Another ministry avenue is our discipleship ministries. It includes our Local Church Ministries which provides curriculum, training and coaching to local church leaders and pastors. Also, our Intensive Discipleship Program help young people deepen their faith and moblizes them to reach their generation. Belize is an amazing country with amazing people. It is our pleasure and passion to be part of God’s work that makes a difference throughout the country by bringing God’s people together to serve, encourage, and share Jesus Christ’s message and love. We pray that you may experience Belize for yourselves.

Location Information

Belize is a unique country, full of lush landscapes, rich history, and amazing people. Little over 400,000 people call Belize home and make up a diverse society that is composed of many cultures and languages. The country is bordered to the North by Mexico, and Guatemala to the West and South, with the Caribbean Sea to the East. Due to its strong ties to both the American and Caribbean regions it is also often claimed as a Caribbean nation. English is the official language, making it easier to build quality relationships and have effective ministry. This country and its hospitable people will grab your heart in such a way that you will want to be back. It’s beautiful! Experience God’s creation in rainforests, Mayan ruins, and by snorkeling the Western Hemisphere’s longest barrier reef. Belize is a place that has great beauty, but still has great need.

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