Ministry Description

In 1982 Word of Life was established in Colombia. From that date to the present, different missionaries maintained a connection with pastors of different local churches with the purpose of reaching youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through: leadership training, evangelism, children's programs, camps, and other activities. Since April 2023, the ministry in Colombia is coordinated by Eliécer and Analía Castro, who settled in the city of Armenia (Quindío). There are about 10 churches in Bogotá that have already participated in the leadership training sessions, and the church in the coffee region started its Bible Club program. Likewise, fluid contact is maintained with those pastors who wish to deepen a relationship of companionship with Word of Life and are interested in the different available programs and resources. Undoubtedly, this country is a tremendous land of opportunities with doors wide open to a ministry that is dedicated to influence the lives of children and the youth with the Word of God. For this reason, the vision we have is to establish teams of missionaries and collaborators to place in charge of different regions of Colombia, with the purpose of being a tool for the local church and spreading the gospel throughout the country more effectively.

Location Information

Colombia's 1,140,000 square kilometers of land ranges from beautiful mountains to rain forest. Bogota, the capital city, is known for its architecture, vibrant culture, and extraordinary museums. Colombia is located in the northwest of South America; the official language is Spanish. It has a population of approximately 51 million inhabitants on a territory rich in minerals, agriculture, exotic landscapes and coasts bathed by two oceans. Its people are warm, hard-working and with a strong leadership trait. However, this beautiful country has deep roots of violence and pain caused by the guerrillas, paramilitaries and drug trafficking; three groups that plagued the territory for decades, bringing to this people the loss of thousands of victims due to these conflicts. Despite this, Colombia offers a great open door to the ministry.

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