Czech Republic

Ministry Description

WOL Czech is actively involved in evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training through camps, conferences, Bible clubs, outreach events, local church ministries, internships and school programs. In addition, they desire to aid church youth ministries and outreach efforts in order to increase ministry abilities to a lost, yet open and receptive nation.

Location Information

The Czech Republic became an independent country in January of 1993 as a result of the breakup of Czechoslovakia. This 78,000 sq. km country is situated in the eastern part of Europe between Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. The country is often called "the heart of Europe" because it lies at the center or "the roof" of Europe as most of the rivers of neighboring countries find their source in the Czech Republic. Many years of living under communist control have negatively effected the population's thinking about God and religion. More than seventy percent of the 10.8 million inhabitants claim to have no association with any religion.

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