Ministry Description

Word of Life is officially working in 18 countries. 260 full time staff reach out to the young generation with the gospel through camps, dramas and musicals, sports and open air activities. We disciple many young people on a regular basis in kids and youth clubs or individually. More than 180 young people are enrolled in the European WOL Bible Institutes and cross cultural internship programs. We are praying to have teams working in 10 more countries in the next five years.

Location Information

More than 700 million people live in the 57 countries on the Continent of Europe (including Eurasia), 150 millions are younger than 20 years of age. More than 400 (!) languages are spoken, and there is a hugh cultural diversity. The mayor belief systems are: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Greek / Russian Orthodoxism, Islam and Atheism / Agnosticism. The evangelical community counts about 2.5% of the whole population and is growing slowly at 1% annually. Europe is shaped by 2.000 years of Christianity, a long history of wars and peace treaties, migration and nationalistic episodes. The last 70 years of peace in north, central and western Europe have resulted in a new generation of people who don't have first hand war experiences any more. Europe's economy is diverse and displays different cultural approaches to life per se. The EU consists of 27 countries (after "Brexit") and form a powerful economic and in parts also a political and legal union. Countries with less economical power profit from the union as well as strong countries. The Schengen area offers free travel of more than 400 million people of 26 States. The world financial crises of 2008 has resulted in open questions of the younger generations on what and whom they trust. They are searching for more than an average life and mediocre experiences.

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