Ministry Description

The ministry of Word of Life in Guatemala began in 1998 under the leadership of Marcelo and Gabriela Diez, and it is currently led by Oscar and Mónica Fuentes. Their staff has grown to 10 couples and 14 single missionaries. A big part of our ministry is in the local churches through the Bible Club Program. Word of Life has clubs for young adults, teens, and children. These clubs are found in churches throughout Guatemala. Another important part of our ministry in Guatemala is the Ministry Training Center with Training in English and Ministry (CCM-TEAM) where students take a year to study the Bible and grow in three different areas: Life, Study and Ministry. They also take classes in English. We encourage the students who want to serve the Lord in full-time ministry to attend one of the Word of Life Bible Institutes located in other countries around the world. We currently have several former students attending the Bible Institutes in Mexico and Argentina. During the year we also have different activities like sports marathons, medical trips, camp season, as well conferences for leaders, pastors, and women. As a means of sharing the gospel, we use dramas such as: the Children's Show and "Second Chance." The latter is an evangelistic drama shows the reality faced by young people regarding abortion, homosexual tendencies, suicide, problems at home, etc. This opens many doors for us to share the Gospel in public schools.

Location Information

Guatemala is a beautiful country whose name comes from a Mayan word which means "place of many trees." With an area of 42,002 square miles, it is approximately the size of the U.S. state of Tennessee. In 2020, the populations was almost 17 million people making it the most populated country in Central America. The territory of modern Guatemala once formed the core of the Maya civilization, and this is still reflected in the culture and language of the indigenous people. Many Guatemalans would tell you they believe in God, but Roman Catholicism remains the dominant church.

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