Ministry Description

The ministry of Word of Life began in 1998, and today is led by Samuel Sierra. Soon after the ministry began, they were running their very first Bible Club in the northern city of San Pedro Sula. They moved the ministry to the capital city of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. Here they began two more Bible Clubs. Today there are more than 15 Bible Clubs functioning. In February of 1999, the first Word of Life camp was held with 80 kids attending and fifteen of them making decisions for Christ. Every January a property is rented for five weeks of camp. The ministry has been approved to purchase a property of their own, and they are asking the Lord to provide them with the funds that they need to be able to do this. With a property they will be able to begin a Discipleship Training Center. Many have received Christ through the musical drama, "Born Again to a Living Hope" and Children's Shows. These have been used in the public schools, which are very open. In fact, a law was recently passed requiring all public schools to begin their day by reading scripture. Word of Life Honduras also hosts different teams that come for a missions trip each year, meeting both physical and spiritual needs of the people. There are a lot of great opportunities in this country..

Location Information

Located in Central America, Honduras sits between Guatemala and Nicaragua on the coastline of the Caribbean Sea and between El Salvador and Nicaragua on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. With its 112,088 square kilometers, Honduras is a little larger than the state of Tennessee. It ranges in elevation from sea level at the Caribbean Sea to 2,870 meters at Cerro Las Minas. The virtually uninhabited Mosquito Coast is included within its long Caribbean shoreline. One of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, Honduras has a unemployment rate of 40%. The income per person is about 2.3% of that from U.S.A. at around $660. Of the 6.4 million people living in Honduras, 42% are under the age of 14. There is a protestant minority in this country, as 97% of the population claims to be Roman Catholic.

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