Ministry Description

Word of Life Kenya began in 1970 when a group from Word of Life Germany arrived in Kenya for ministry opportunities. In fact, the first director of the work in Kenya was a German named Manford Kettering. In 1970 a camp property was purchased, and in April of 1971 the first Word of Life camp was opened in this country. An additional location was purchased in 1978 on the Kenyan coast, and its first camp was run in 1981 with the help of Don Kelso, Sr. The first Bible club was started in 1973 in the city of Nairobi. Kenya is able to have Bible clubs in the public schools, so there is a great need and desire for people to staff our Bible Club team. We need more people to be able to reach into all the areas that currently want Bible clubs. In addition to camps and clubs, Kenya has a Mime Team, a singing team, and uses basketball and soccer as a means of reaching the youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Location Information

The landscapes of Kenya are rich in diversity. Just about every known landform is represented here in a miniature form. From glaciers and snow-capped mountains to parched deserts; from the Savannah to flourishing lakes and thick forests. The floor of the Great Rift Valley is lettered with lakes and volcanoes, it stretches through Kenya from north to south. Magnificent Mount Kenya with its snow-capped peaks rises above endless grassland plains. Kenya's climate is one of warm days and cool early mornings and evenings. Kenya's population is a little different from most of the world in that over 40% of the population is under the age of 15. Over 2 million of the 31 million people have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

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