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In May of 1983 Leo and Hirma DiGilio arrived in Yucantan to begin this ministry, and the first summer camp was held that July. Soon after, Word of Life Bible clubs began in the surrounding area. In 1987, the work was opened in Guadalajara, and it expanded again to Estado de Mexico outside of Mexico City in 1991. Under the direction of Roy & Glenda Dalolio, there are currently ten families and nine singles working on the staff of Word of Life Mexico. This ministry has sent over forty students to Argentina to study at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Monte. The ministry is involved in several different activities. Among these are Bible Clubs, "Born Again To a Living Hope" presentations, summer camps, "Children's Shows," Youth Dynamic (a winter youth conference), sports marathons, missionary tours to Argentina, and a one year Evangelism and Discipleship Course at their property. A second year of this course has been added recently. They are excited about future ministry opportunities in Mexico as the Lord continues to do a great work in this country.

Location Information

Mexico is a land of diversities. Consisting of 1,970,000 sq. km the country has beautiful tropical beaches, as well as mountains, volcanoes, jungles full of exotic wildlife, and impressive deserts. It is also a country of contradictions, where it is not hard to find poverty and prosperity coexisting peacefully. The country has an interesting Indian and Spanish history and culture. There are over 50 distinct indigenous people groups, each with their own language and traditional lifestyle. Mexicans are known as vibrant folk, with a love for art and bright colors. Their capital, Mexico City, is the world's largest metropolitan area. About 95 percent of Mexico's population is Catholic, but most treat the religion as part of their culture. Many Catholics mix their beliefs with ancient practices where pagan gods coexist with the Christian Trinity.

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