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Ministry Description

Word of Life Brazil began in 1957 when Harry Bollback and Harold Reimer came from the United States to begin a camp in Atibaia (Sao Paulo). In 1971 George Theis and Steve Peterson opened Word of Life Camp in Northeast of Brasil and in 1972 they moved to Recife and in 1973 the ministry was established. Today (2020) we are 30 missionaries working with Teaching Bible at the Schools, Camp Season (January and July), Bible Clubs and Bible Institute.

Location Information

Recife is the sixth-largest metropolitan area in Brazil with 4 019 396 in habitants (2019), the largest metropolitan area of the North/Northeast Regions, the 5th-largest metropolitan influence area in Brazil, and the capital and largest city of the state of Pernambuco. It is a major port on the Atlantic Ocean. Its name is an allusion to the stone reefs that are present by the city's shores. The many rivers, small islands and over 50 bridges found in Recife city center characterize its geography and gives it the moniker of the "Brazilian Venice." Brazil is a spiritually open country, for good and for ill, and is probably more Spiritist than Catholic in underlying worldview. Although “non-religion” is actually the fastest-growing faith group, few of that category would be hardcore atheists. Most follow Afro-Brazilian cults (such as Candomblé, Macumba, Umbanda) derived from African animism and witchcraft. In Recife, 54.32% of the population claims to be Roman Catholic.

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