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In 1964 four Canadians arrived in Germany to reach young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a music ministry. In the first years of this ministry, they held youth rallies and helped German evangelists with evangelistic crusades. In 1969 God opened the door for them to rent a beautiful castle on Lake Starnberg located 25 kilometers south of Munich. In 1971 another castle was added. For over 50 years, the growing team of missionaries is organising evangelistic summer camps for over 2.000 children and youth each year. At the same time WOL Germany conducts several musical camps at different locations throughout the country. The musical plays are written and composed by WOL missionaries. In addition, many school classes come for a school trip to the castles and spend an inspiring time there, often with evangelistic programme by the missionaries. At WOL Germany Starnberg minister 20 missionaries and 20 young people who do a voluntary service at WOL.

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The Federal Republic of Germany is Europe's most populous and richest country. With more than 82 million people, Germany's citizens enjoy a high standard of living, with universal health care, low crime rates, and high investment in infrastructure and education. The largest religious affiliation is Protestant with 28 percent. Next is Roman Catholic at 34 percent. Those unaffiliated or practicing some other religion are 26.3 percent of the population. After the U.S. and Japan, Germany is the world's most technologically powerful country. Nevertheless, the generous social benefits system has begun to take a toll on the economy, and the government has already begun cutting back on some services. The high unemployment rate of 10 percent or more continues to be a long-term problem because of the high contribution rates for social programs on wages. As Germany's aged population increases, the country will struggle more to meet citizen's demands.

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