Ministry Description

Word of Life Taiwan has many flourishing ministries often using English as a tool to reach Taiwanese believers. We are currently growing our national staff and branching out into new fields like digital media, Mandarin-speaking ministries, and local churches! Below is a list of some of our larger ministry platforms.


At SYME we teach English to Taiwanese students 18 and up but essentially use the Bible as our textbook. SYME is an acronym for the Chinese words for Bible, Friendship, Discipleship, and English. This program is an intensive full-immersion English learning environment combined with a biblical discipleship program. Students live with teachers and get to be immersed in not only American culture but a Christian family. Our program is designed to improve students’ conversational English and help them discover a relationship with Jesus Christ while growing daily.

Pilgrimage Films

Pilgrimage Films exists to bring you with us on the missionary journey! A production studio and Youtube channel, Pilgrimage Films helps others see what God is doing in Taiwan. By creating faith-based content for students and families, Pilgrimage Films shows the often-unseen world of missionaries, religions, and cultures. With weekly videos released every Wednesday on Youtube, you can follow the journey as we tackle the complex religious issues of Taiwan, missionary lifestyle videos, and create entertaining family-friendly content.

English Café

English Café is a free opportunity to practice English with a foreigner in a small group setting. Each week we have a focused topic which then directs each group’s conversation to talk about real life. We believe speaking about subjects relating to your life is the best way to begin improving your English. Since the Covid pandemic, we have now moved this to an online platform, which has opened up many teaching availabilities for those living in the states or Canada to partner with Word of Life as teachers to a wide variety of Taiwanese people!


Our Alumni program, Rooted is a weekly Friday night event hosted for our SYME alumni. This is a Mandarin-speaking event where we give lessons based on that week’s Word of Life Quiet Time. We see this ministry as a way to not only hold our alumni accountable in spending time daily in the Word but also to build community with them. Our goal is to pour into and equip our alumni so that they can serve in the many local churches throughout Taiwan as well as gain the confidence and ability to share the gospel with their friends and family. Taiwan is 2% Christian, so spreading the gospel in Chinese is absolutely so needed here!

Location Information

Taiwan is a very special island off the east coast of China. It is home to 24 million people made in the image of God and is perhaps one of the most interesting places in the world. It is a place entrenched in ancient folk religions and temples, yet is a vibrant democracy, a leader in tech exports to the world, and unlike its neighbor China has freedom of religion. Only 2% of the people here identify as evangelical, and the majority fall under Taoism, Buddhism, and ancestor worship. This island is immersed in darkness, surrounded by idolatry and cries to false gods they place all hope in a temple system laced with fear and expectation of judgment. Taiwanese people spend their entire life asking the question “Who will atone for me when I die? Who in my family will sacrifice for me so that I can have a good afterlife”? Being a missionary in Taiwan means that we get to share with them the answers to these questions. Jesus is the answer, and when the Taiwanese learn about His love for them, they become some of the most faithful and devoted believers one could encounter.

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