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Word of Life England began in 1980. In 1986 Dave and Cheri Kelso arrived to begin Word of Life in Scotland. Five years later in 1991 Dave became the director of the U.K. work. Presently there is some form of ministry taking place in all four of the home countries. Camps are held each year in three different regions of the United Kingdom. Evangelistic Youth Events (EYEs) are held 18 times each year throughout the U.K., as well as Holiday Bible Clubs, church missions, high school and university age youth weekends and public school assemblies. The Associate Staff Discipleship Programme (ASAP) encourages young people in their spiritual growth and hones ministry skills through training and experience. A Discipleship Training Center/office complex is located in Central Scotland.

Location Information

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (U.K.) is comprised of the countries of England, Scotland and Wales on the larger island of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland on one fourth of the island of Ireland. Though they retain much of their individuality in culture, they are united politically. Of the over 60,000,000 inhabitants, only 5% attend any type of church on a 'regular' (monthly) basis.

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