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Tirzah Pinto

Tirzah Pinto

Missionary to Brazil Southeast Sao Paulo


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Ministry Description

About Tirzah

I grew up involved with WOL-Brazil. My dad was a teacher at the WOL Bible Seminary in Brazil, and later the dean, and later the chancellor. He led me to Christ when I was just five years old, showing me how my sin separated me from God and His good will. It took a long time, however, for me to begin to discover what salvation entailed. Heavens! I'm still discovering what salvation entails. As a teenager, I began to get more involved with WOL camps, my local church, witnessing in high school, all the while, learning what it meant to be in Christ and the joy of seeing Him at work. I went to WOLBI in Schroon Lake; but I thought I would get my college degree and get a job "outside the bubble", so to speak. Yet, by the time I got my biology diploma, I found that working in the field was not for me. Sitting in at a missionary retreat with my parents, one time, I listened to other missionaries from WOL-Brazil sharing what God had done and I thought to myself and prayed, "Why would I want to do anything else but be a part of this ministry?" I have since become one of the writers/editors with WOL-Brazil, being challenged (and chided) by God's Word on a daily basis.

Life Verse

Hebrews 2:1 Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away.