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Honza and Elyse Halik

Honza and Elyse Halik

Missionaries to the Czech Republic

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Ministry Description

We are Honza & Elyse Halik serving with Word of Life in the Czech republic. We could summarize the main focus of our ministry in three parts.

1) Reaching the youth through the Student ministry programs. We are currently working with two Bible clubs. Our desire is to train those in the leadership to become godly leaders and equip them better for their work.

2) We are involved with Music Ministry. Honza is a gifted Trumpet player. He is using his gift to serve the local churches and as a tool in different outreach activities.

3) We are involved in Christian Camping. The Lord entrusted Word of Life Czech with a wonderful camp propriety where we can welcome hundreds of campers every year.

Our goal is to reach these youth/kids with the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are passionate about reaching the youth of this country with the greatest message of all!

About Honza

I was born in Europe, in the Czech Republic. Since my childhood, my parents led me to be aware of God and as a kid I believed in God because my parents told me to. Christianity is not popular in the Czech at all. And when somebody openly declares a belief in God, he is seen as crazy. I wouldn't tell anybody about my background, but in my family and in the church I acted like a Christian. In the year 2003 I heard about the summer camps at Word of Life in Czech Republic. I came there and thought that I am a Christian as others were, but finally I realized that I am a sinner and that I don't have forgiveness of my sins and I am on the way to hell. I decided to receive Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and 6 months later dedicated my life fully to the Lord. The biggest time of testing this decision was when I decided to stop building my music career and go study at the WOL Bible Institute in Hungary. During the two year program, there God has touched my heart with the needs of my own country. That’s why I decided to become a missionary in my own country with WOL to reach the youth of the Czech. God has changed my life and I want to help others to experience what I have, "a changed life". My deepest desire is to Glorify God with my life.

About Elyse

I was blessed to be born in a Christian family. My parents took me to church every Sunday. They were really involved in the church life so as a child, I would follow them. I grew up holding on to the faith of my parents as hope for my salvation. At the age 12 years. My parents sent me to a Christian camp and there, for the first time, I understood that the gospel is a personal decision. I decided to put my faith in Him and to give Him my life. God started to work in my life little by little. I could get involved with mission at the age of 17 when I went with some group to Russia. This was a life changing experience because after that, I knew God wanted me as missionary. I had the chance to go study in Word of Life Bible Institute where I met Honza. We were sharing the same passion about mission and Europe. After our wedding in January of 2014, I moved to the Czech Republic to join Honza in the ministry.

Life Verse

To equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ. Ephesians 4:12