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Josh and Melanie Paulhamus

Josh and Melanie Paulhamus

Missionaries to the United States


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Ministry Description

Josh and Melanie both work within the International Ministries department of Word of Life. Melanie works on curriculum and translations along with a team stationed around the world. Their goal: to coordinate the translation of Gospel, Discipleship, and Bible club materials to be used around the world in a myriad of different languages. Josh's goal with being a part of the team is very similar, but he focuses on the marketing and media aspects of the ministry internationally. The desire is to create training content videos as well as tools that churches can use to share the Gospel and Disciple the youth of today. Josh and Melanie are a part of this ministry because they believe that God can use their passions and talents to reach this generation with the Gospel.

About Josh

I received Christ as my Savior at a young age and was raised in a Christian home in Pennsylvania. After graduating high school, I spent 2 years at the Word of Life Bible Institute in NY. I then served with Word of Life for 4 more years in media and marketing before Melanie and I moved to Florida and began to serve with International Ministries. We believe that God has put on our hearts a specific mission: to focus our talents and passions on equipping and serving through media on an international platform.

About Melanie

I accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of 5 at a WOL camp with my mom. Growing up as a missionary kid, brought its blessings and challenges. From a young age I was able to help my parents in the ministry. As I grew older, I decided to serve in the media team with Rita Acevedo as my mentor. During college, I was challenged by Abner Flores to serve in a new team for International Resources for WOL. I knew that missionary kids around the world and specially in Latin America did not have resources for discipleship until they reached the age to go to a Bible Club. Knowing that it was 2017, and we still did not have Olympians in Spanish was what convinced me to start helping with the translation process! I wanted to help our missionary kids to have an excellent program in their main language! After finishing college I was already involved in the translation and re design of our resources along with Abner and his team! It has been a great opportunity for me to grow spiritually, and it has been an honor to use my gifts, talents and my career for God's glory.