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Hannah Seaton

Hannah Seaton

Missionary to Taiwan

Ministry Description

There are many different opportunities for ministry in Taiwan. I am a member of the media team which means I take photos, make videos, and create web pages that help give eyes to what God is doing in Taiwan and assist the English School (SYME) in reaching out to more students.

About Hannah

Throughout my childhood I was surrounded by Christianity and religion on every side. My perspective of the world was through the eyes of a child that, for the most part, only knew Christians and heard the gospel preached over and over every week. As a kid, I thought that because I wasn’t rebellious and I usually obeyed my parents, that was enough and nothing else mattered. I was a part of AWANA for many years and even though I memorized Ephesians 2:8-9 which clearly states that salvation is through faith alone, not works, I decided since I “knew” about God then that would be enough.

At my church, most people assumed I was a Christian because of my parents who were missionaries and my generally good behavior. I was more than happy to let them keep thinking that, but deep down I knew the truth and it began to slowly eat away at me. One night my AWANA leader sat down and pointedly asked me if I was saved. Shocked, I couldn’t think of a quick enough excuse so I simply was honest and said no, and she didn’t say anything right then, she simply encouraged me to talk to my parents about it that week. The Holy Spirit continued to work in my heart that week and convict me of my sin and need for a Savior. A few days later I decided to finally talk to my parents and my father showed me scripture after scripture in the Bible such as Romans 3:23, Acts 4:12, Romans 5:8, and John 14:6. I could see that each of these clearly explained the sin problem of all mankind, the free gift that God graciously offers, and that salvation can only come through faith. In all these things, faith was what stuck out to me the most. I knew all of these verses in my heart, but I never fully understood my sin condition and the difference between knowledge and faith until that moment.

After I placed my faith in Christ, and finally understood what it all meant, I felt so relieved because there was no more pressure to do everything perfectly anymore. I tended to be a pretty shy kid but the day afterwards I called all my friends and extended family because I wanted to tell them what had happened. Soon after this, God started developing in my heart a desire and passion for ministry and I dedicated my life to foreign missions. Since that day my “life verse” has been Romans 8:38-39 to remind me that God is not just a list of rules, He is a God of love, and that the world around me deserves to feel that love just as I have experienced.

Life Verse

Romans 8:38-39