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Renan and Jahvona Olimpio

Renan and Jahvona Olimpio

Missionaries to Brazil North Belem

Ministry Description

Currently we have been working as resident missionaries with Mission SEARA in a small community call Nova Filadelfia. Since February of 2017 we have been actively working with another Brazilian couple in approximately 8 river communities and plan to enter into 3 more this year. Our goal is to disciple and train native leadership in this specific region of the Amazon. We build accomplish this by visiting each community weekly, focusing our energies in doing kids programs in the public schools and home visits. Building relationships with each family and leaving a brief word of encouragement from the Bible and helping them see how these truths can be applied and placed into action and not just aquired as more knowledge. We also have a womans ministry, teens and kids camps, retreats and many other activities to reach as many of the age groups possible.

About Renan

I grew up in a catholic home in a River Village in the middle of the Amazon region. I remember as today a big man on a runabout picking the kids up for a Bible story, and I was 6. Since then I heard the Gospel message many times. As a teenager a made bad frienships that took me to drug addiction and heavy sexual immorality. With them Iearned how to hate and mock christians. My dad built a house close to the church, and the missionary went quickly to gain my soul for Christ. He spoke sincere words and challenged me. I said no. From that day on I fought the Spirit of God that was convincing me of my sin and guilt. After days of suferring I bowed down my life to Jesus, but because of my addiction, months I decided to gave up on my faith. I tried for one year. I coudn't because God put on me chains of love so I went back to him, and He healed me from my addictions. I experienced such a joy and redemption that I wanted others to know. So I prayed and decided to reach my own family. And he worked on my family,, and many of them experienced the same grace as I did. I studied as hard as I could to teach the Bible and to Know my Lord. Now I serve as a missionary to my people in the interior of the Amazon.

About Jahvona

I grew up in a christian home in a small town in Ohio. From the time I was young I had a strong interest in missions thanks to my parents constant support of the activities at my local church and the desire to go with them on their short term trips. God really started working in my life when I went on my first short term trip to Brazil and he used the missionaries to encourage me to go and do whatever I feel God is calling me to do, all while loving him! After contact with the Brazilian people and a desire to study more of God's word, I decided to study at Word of Life Bible Institute in Belem, Brazil. There I had an eye opening experience of what missions truly is and seeing the father's heart to know me as his child. I recognized my sinful state and my need for Christ as a Savior and from then on have committed my life to growing my personal relationship with God and serving him. During the two years at the Bible Institute God allowed me to get to know a young man that I had met 5 years earlier on my first short term trip. Together we graduated from the Bible Institute and are working with Mission that brought missionaries to his village and where I had my first experience of Matthew 28:18.

Life Verse

John 14.6 Jesus said to him: "I am" the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me". I confessed my Lord as Savior through this verse. And Php 3.8-9. He called me for minsitry.