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Skylar Perin

Skylar Perin

Missionary to Taiwan

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Ministry Description

In Taiwan, I will be serving in their English program called SYME. SYME uses the Bible, friendship, and discipleship to teach English to their students. Word of Life Taiwan provides an intense and immersive opportunity for Taiwanese people to learn English from actual Americans. I will be working with students 18+, teaching Bible and English, while also having opportunities to disciple some of my students one-on-one. I will also get to live life with my Taiwanese students and learn about their culture from the best teachers, THEM!

About Skylar

When I was 5 I went to an Easter service at my aunt and uncle's church. It was here that I heard the gospel clearly and understood it for the first time. I had grown up in church, hearing the story of Jesus almost every week and knowing that it was important. But this time, I understood that I am a sinner and that sin separates me from God. The good news is that God wants a relationship with me, and with each person, and he sent his Son, Jesus, to live a perfect life and die a death that he didn't deserve on a cross. And he didn't stay dead, but rose again three days later, defeating death! Because of this perfect sacrifice of Jesus, I can have a restored relationship with God, and so can you, by simply believing in him. That is the decision that I made that night when I was five years old, to believe that Jesus died for my sins and enter into a restored relationship with God.

When I was 8 my family started supporting a little girl in Africa through an organization. That is when the Lord really showed me how special it is that I had access to the gospel my whole life. I began to understand that people around the world did not have someone to tell them about Jesus and I knew that that is what missionaries did. Around that time I knew that I wanted to be a missionary so that I could tell people about Jesus who don't have someone to tell them yet. And since then the Lord has been growing my heart for the gospel and for lost people. This year he opened a door for me to do that in a really practical way through this internship and I am simply walking in obedience.

Life Verse

Romans 12:12-- "Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer."