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Kiko Jimenez-Robertson

Kiko Jimenez-Robertson

Missionary to Brazil Belem

Ministry Description

The focus of the ministry in Belem has the vision to reach the “river communities” who live along the Amazon River. The ministry has a strategy to evangelize and disciple youth from the urban centers of Brazil and train them to become pioneering missionaries through the Bible Institute's discipleship program, which I will be a part of. I will be helping coordinate students with their home churches and help them to plant new churches in the river communities.

About Kiko

I was fortunate enough to have grown up with a God-honoring family. I came to know Jesus at the age of 6, truly believing in His perfect life, crucifixion, ressurection and imminent return. However, it wasn't until my older years as a teenager that I began to walk with Christ. At this time my familiy and I had moved to the United States from Spain, and my dad started serving in Ohio through a pastoral position. God's guidance led me to the BI in New York, where I have realized the desperate need to work for His Kingdom. I found a passion for the gospel and an urgency to share it with those who are lost. Through the vision shared during missions conference during my 2nd year, in addition to a trip to Wayumi through Ethnos360, I have gained perspective of the need for unreached people groups that I can't ignore. I decided to fully surrender my life to go or send wherever there's a need/where people are not willing to go.

Life Verse

"Only fear the Lord, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you." 1 Samuel 12:24