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Hewerton and Daniela Castro

Hewerton and Daniela Castro

Missionaries to Brazil Belem

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Ministry Description

Hewerton: I am responsible for Bible Clubs and PV Sports, I am part of the Youth Ministry and I contribute to the various events that take place throughout the year, such as: Sports Marathon, Camps, Day Camps, Conferences .. I support IMPV mentoring students and I will be responsible as of this 2nd Semester for the Students' Internship in the SEARA Ministry in the Amazon, whose trip always occurs in July of each year.

Dani: I help at the Word of Life College supporting a partnership project with Distance University; I give assistance to the IMPV Secretariat; I support the Site Registration system for the main events of the Word of Life and provide support for the reception of these events. I also support the IMPV mentoring students.

About Hewerton

My conversion took place at the age of 13, in a traditional home service. But the process was already in my home, with the conversion of my father. Since then I have walked in the Christian life with some outrages, but always relying on the divine mercies.

I had the privilege and grace to have great examples of people who served the Lord, that gave me a north, and I could walk safe in the mercies of the Father. On January 21, 1986, I was baptized in the waters, and from that moment on , the desire for the mission field was sown in my life, from then on it was rooted, and at 19 I went to get ready to go to the mission field. The year 1995, I met the Word of Life Organization in the north of Brazil, since between study and ministry the Word of Life has been present in my life and my family, what comes next are stories.

About Daniela

I was born in a city in the interior of Paraná, but I lived in several cities and states in Brazil because of my father's work. I was of Catholic origin until I was 16, I had never visited any evangelical church, my parents were very active in Catholicism, but personally I felt that something was missing. In January of 1992, when I was 17 years old when I lived in Goiânia, I went to visit an Evangelical Christian church, invited by some friends, and I immediately fell in love with the message, environment and people and in March of the same year I was baptizing in the waters . I first enrolled in several church courses to learn more about the Bible, in 1995 I met Hewerton, when we were attending an internal Seminary in Goiânia, in 1996 we got married and went to study at IMPV in Benevides - Pará, to know more of the Lord, and to fulfill His will, wherever and whenever. We are members of Vila Sandra Baptist Church in Curitiba-PR.