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Stephanie Yen

Stephanie Yen

Missionary to Taiwan

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Ministry Description


Our Alumni program, Rooted is a weekly Friday night event hosted for our SYME alumni. This is a Mandarin-speaking event where we give lessons based on that week’s Word of Life Quiet Time. We see this ministry as a way to not only hold our alumni accountable in spending time daily in the Word but also to build community with them. Our goal is to pour into and equip our alumni so that they can serve in the many local churches throughout Taiwan as well as gain the confidence and ability to share the gospel with their friends and family.

About Stephanie

I started Sunday school at two with my mother. Since then, I have gone to church every Sunday. My mother is the only Christian in my family, but she has taught me to grow in Christ. As a kid, the Lord to me was far away but I knew His presence. I knew God loved me as a kid. I joined my church’s youth club in sixth grade and helped play the piano when we sang in the youth club. I did “good things” in people’s eyes but I didn’t really know the meaning and purpose of my life. When I look back, before tenth grade I didn't really have a close, personal relationship with God.

I went to a Christian middle school. In tenth grade, I participated in my school’s fellowship. I had lots of good Christian friends there that I could look up to. We had close friendships among one another and a close relationship with God. We prayed at break time every day for ten minutes with the teacher’s leading. Every lunch break we had different services to do. We would have fasting and prayer on Monday and Wednesday, small groups with non-Christian classmates on Tuesday and Friday, and Chapel music preparation on Thursday.

Psalm 34:8 says “Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!” I came to understand the great taste of the Lord’s grace, mercy, and power. I wanted that personal, intimate relationship with Him. I knew then I was a sinner in God’s eyes and I would never be able to meet God’s standards by doing “good things.” I understood I needed Jesus who took my sin upon Himself so I could receive His salvation and have eternal life. I have peace knowing if I die tonight I will see Jesus. That was when I came to receive Christ.

While I was preparing for the college entrance exam, I wanted to understand God’s Word more, so I began to discipline myself to spend more time studying God’s Word and spending personal time with God. My Christian friends and teacher also encouraged me to offer part of my time in a day to go in front of the Lord. I woke up at 5:30, and read ten chapters of the Bible before my study. My mother was very worried because she thought I should already start my study for school but I insisted on studying my Bible. I finished reading the whole Bible by this time. This turned out to help me to be steadfast in God. I knew then God had a plan and a purpose for me.

After studying at SYME, I served with SYME’s organization Word of Life Taiwan for summer and winter camps for three years. I enjoyed the time with the kids, teenagers, camp volunteers, and God. I realized using my spiritual gifts and talents that God gave me for Him is the sweetest thing that I can ever ask for. I saw the need for the Gospel in Taiwan when serving and I asked God to open doors for me to serve in Taiwan.

In order to equip myself for ministries, I attended Word of Life Bible Institute in Jeju Island, South Korea. I learned a lot about God and was challenged by God in many areas of my life. Now that I am back in Taiwan, I am serving as a full-time missionary with Word of Life Taiwan. I want to surrender my life to God so He can use me in His greater plans. I have found my life’s meaning and purpose in Him. I want to glorify God with my life.

Even though there are still difficulties and struggles in my life, I find peace in God. I am still learning how to depend on God and have faith and patience. Psalms 42-43 are the Psalms that comfort me the most when I am down. This verse is repeated three times in these two Psalms. “Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again—my Savior and my God!”