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Akash and Keylee Patras

Akash and Keylee Patras

Missionaries to Argentina

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Ministry Description

We are in the visa process to move Pakistan, meanwhile we are serving the Lord at Word of Life, Argentina. Keylee is serving in the Marketing department making the strategies for the Bible Institute. Akash is serving at maintenance and cleaning department. We are also engaged in discipling students, helping them to come closer to God and grow spiritually everyday.

We are also privileged to serve as a team leaders during the weekends to organize the activities for the students, where they share and spend time with other students, share devotional, take challenge to share their faith with non believers and we organize mission trips to reach the unreached groups.

About Akash

I am 29 years old I was born into a Catholic family in Pakistan. When I was 9 years old I went to a Christian church with my mom and there I received Jesus Christ as my savior. I was a Christian but my life wasn’t representing that because almost all my friends were Muslims, so my attitude was more like them.

In 2015, I met a Missionary from Argentina, who was serving God in Pakistan at that time. He is a good friend of my Pastor, so he introduced the idea to my pastor for sending youth to Argentina to study at Word of Life Bible Institute. We started praying and God made it possible that I was able to come and study at the Bilingue Program at Word of Life to learn Spanish.

December, 2017 at the Missions Conference, I felt the burden in my heart that God was calling me to serve Him in Pakistan. The burden that I felt in my heart God also confirmed me the same night when the preacher talked about the bible verse, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few, therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers in His harvest.”Luke 10:2

That year my life got changed because I knew that God was calling me, so I decided to study 3 more years at Word of Life Bible Institute to prepare myself to serve the Lord.

In 2018, I met Keylee at the campus and I felt my feelings for her was getting stronger and when I get closer to know her more she said, " When she was 13, she consecrate her life to serve God and wanted to be a missionary."

On 6th,July 2019, we got married, God bind a Pakistani boy and a Guatemala girl in Argentina to serve Him in Pakistan.

About Keylee

Keylee Fajardo I am 25 years old, I was born in a Christian family in Guatemala. When I was 12 years old, one Sunday at church, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, although all my life I had heard about God, but I lived with insecurity The day I decided to make the decision to receive Christ as my savior, I understood that Jesus Christ is the only way to get to heaven and the only one capable of cleansing my heart completely from all my sins.

When I was 13 years old, I went to a Word of Life camp and I was very impressed with the way the missionaries served. That night they presented the life of missionaries who were serving in different countries, sharing the Word of God, leaving their lives to carry the gospel, that night I understood that the world needs God. That night I could feel the passion of each story shared about taking the gospel to the unreached, and So I decided to consecrate my life to God, from that moment I had a heart ready to serve Him and I started praying about becoming a missionary and God answered my prayer in 2017 when I came to study at the Bible Institute at Word of Life, Argentina.

Life Verse

“And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?" As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." Romans 10:15