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Alejandro and Ester Teper Villafane

Alejandro and Ester Teper Villafane

Missionaries to Argentina

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Ministry Description

Since 1985 Alejandro has been serving the Lord by training youth leaders in local churches and Ester teach in some of these opportunities to the lady’s leaders. Both of us are student counselor at the Word of Life Bible Institute. Alejandro teaches in churches through workshops, conferences, retreats and camps for leaders, marriages and youth. And Ester is a Bible teaching in women meetings at local churches. We also support the various Word of Life Argentina ministry activities which include Summer Camps, Evangelistic campaigns and Conferences.

We have a daughter (Ana Laura). She is studying at college and serving at our local church as Bible Club Leader.

About Alejandro

I come from an unbelieving family. My father was an atheist Jew and my mother comes from a Catholic background, but she isn’t a practicing. Until the age of 19 I was an atheist. At that time a Jewish friend of mine, who had recently returned from Israel to Argentina and came to know Jesus as his Savior, invited me to a Bible Club meeting at a local church. There I heard the gospel of God for the first time in my life. That same night, being alone in my room, I knelt before God and asked for forgiveness for my sins and invited Christ to be my Savior.

After becoming converted I began to receive personal discipleship, through which I began to grow in my faith in God and to serve Him in the Bible Club of my local church. It was during that time that I met the ministry of Word of Life. At age 21 God put in my heart what He wanted for my life, it was not to be an engineer but a missionary. For that reason, I left college and entered as a student at Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. Later God guided me to be part of the Word of Life team.

About Ester

I was born and raised in a fine and dedicated Christian home in Argentina. When I was 6 years old I made a personal decisión for Christ with my mother. My adolescent years were unproductive as a Christian, characterized by routine, boredom and spiritual apathy. During those years God provided me the opportunity to attend a WOL camp in Brazil. There God uses the life of my counselor, as the lives of several other youth, in order to impact my life and understand that He not only wanted to give salvation but also abundant life (Jn.10:10). I dedicated my life to Hin in order to do His will.

In 1975, God placed in my heart a desire to serve Him and decide to study, at the WOL Bible Institute in Brazil. Following my studies, I was accepted as a WOL missionary in Argentina, where I served the Lord 10 years before getting married and serving the Lord along my husband in WOL Costa Rica and Argentina.

Life Verse

Neh. 2:20: "...The God of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his servants will arise and build"..