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Alex and Erika Schoures Rivera

Alex and Erika Schoures Rivera

Missionaries to Nicaragua


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Ministry Description

About Alex

Hi, we are the Schoures Fernandez family. My name is Alex and my wife's name is Erika. I'm Nicaraguan and she is Mexican. We have similar stories. Both of us received Jesus Christ as our Savior when we were 8 years old in the local churches we attended during our childhood, Erika in Mexico and myself in Nicaragua. We were raised in church and participated in various activities.

My wife had the desire to serve the Lord as a missionary from a young age. She knew that she needed to prepare herself in a bible institute but had difficulties being able to do that. It wasn't until 7 years later that the Lord opened the door for her to go and study at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina.

In my case, I was in my 2nd year of college when the Lord was calling me to serve Him as a missionary. Three years went by where I ignored His calling because I didn't want to renounce my own life plans. At the end of my last year of college I was invited to a Word of Life camp in Costa Rica and that was where God broke my heart, and I no longer wanted to rebel against His will. I decided to prepare myself for service to Him and two years later God opened the door for me to study at the Bible Institute in Argentina.

In Argentina we were able to get to know one another and see the desire that we shared to not live a passive life for God but to live fully for Him, a shared desire to serve the Lord with our whole lives and to do it full time.

Upon finishing our studies, in December 2012, the Lord put in us the desire to serve as Word of Life missionaries in Nicaragua because we want to reach youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ and be a blessing to the local churches.

now the Lord blessed us with two children, Matthew and James , who were born in 2013 and 2015 respectively

Life Verse

He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; Rom 4:20