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Alex and Ingrid Gilbert

Alex and Ingrid Gilbert

Missionaries to France

Ministry Description

Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, Preaching...

Serving churches in Normandy with our local church in the town of Carentan

"Reaching youth whose needs constantly change with Biblical truth that never changes"

About Alex

My name is Alex. I was born in a Christian family, and my dad was the founder and pastor of the church I went to all my life. I had to go to church and was happy with playing instruments for the worship time. My parents were such great examples in Christian living that I never came to the point of questioning my faith.

I received Christ as my personal Savior at a very young age but I remember especially when I was around 15 that after the Ben-Hur movie, I went up to my room and cried a lot. I had understood for the first time what it took for Jesus to forgive my sins. All his blood shed for me just broke me and that was the moment I think I really understood the message of the cross. Since then I tried to live a holy and genuine Christian life. I had a hard time doing that because I was the only Christian in the high school, however, God kept me in His Hand. After graduating from high school I decided to go to the Bible Institute in Argentina in January of 2003. I couldn't imagine living without serving God full time.

Being in France for over 20 years, I didn't see the need in my own country, but God used Argentina to open up my eyes to the tremendous spiritual needs of France. It was during my 4 years at the Bible Institute that I decided to come back to my home country and be a missionary. I already had a relationship with Word of Life France because Kris, the founder of Word of Life France, was a good friend of mine. I met my wife, Ingrid, in Argentina and she had committed her life to the Lord back at a camp fire service during the first Word of Life summer camp in France. She told me about her dream to be part of the mission field and especially with the Word of Life team in France. At that time, God had already confirmed in my heart that I was going to serve Him through Word of Life. God used Word of Life Argentina to teach me how to work with the local church, reach lost people and help believers grow through discipleship.

I love the Word of Life ministry for the impact it's having among youth and for its priority and passion "to reach youth with the Gospel of Jesus-Christ." That is why God put us on earth! Glory to God for His Grace in using us since 2007 through this wonderful ministry!

About Ingrid

My name is Ingrid. I am Alex's wife. I was born into a Catholic family. We always believed in God and went every Sunday to the Catholic Church. One day, my Aunt, who was a believer, invited us to her church. She and my mother had a long talk together and my mother really wanted to know Christ in a more personal way. My aunt's evangelical church was very different from what we were used too, but in a good way. We fell in love with it and decided to continue to worship there. I was 11 at that time.

I understood the message of salvation when I was 12 and accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Everything was going well; I was reading my Bible and praying every day. As time went by I became discouraged because there were no teenagers in my church. When I was 15 and began to be negatively influenced by the relationships I had. For about 3 years, little by little, I drifted away from God. Thanks to God, He drew me back to Him by allowing me to go to a Word of Life camp in 2003. During this summer camp, God broke my heart. I was very touched by the preaching and also impressed by the lives of the missionaries there. It was there that God changed my life. I decided then to give Him everything, holding nothing back and to seek His perfect will for my life.

After having worked to save money for about a year, I went to the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina in January of 2004. During the study time there, I realized how great the need was in France for missionaries to get involved with the churches. In my heart, I couldn't imagine coming back to France to work a secular job like everyone else. Also, I met my husband who had already decided to be involved with Word of Life full time as a missionary and so I decided to serve God full time with him. Because God had touched my life through the Word of Life team back in France, it was my desire to do the same for others.

I love the Word of Life ministry because its focus is to reach the youth through the Gospel of Christ but also to disciple them and follow them in their spiritual life. Seeing that was when I realized how exciting the Christian life is! To God be all the Glory for His mercy and Grace in allowing us to be part of what He is doing here in France!

Life Verse

"For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever... I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service." Romans 11:36-12:1