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Alexander Lombardi

Alexander Lombardi

Missionary to Germany Starnberg

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Ministry Description

In 1995, after 2 years at the WOLBI, I started working for Word of Life Germany. Since then I manage our children's ministry. At first I directed the kids-camps during the summer and later on, I started to write musicals with the professional musician, Gregor Breier. We started kids musical camps during the school breaks and local church musical projects throughout the year. Right now I am writing, directing, organizing and planning musical projects and camps all over Germany. We reach about 2000 kids and teenagers who attend a camp or a project and about 20.000 visitors that come to a concert each year.

About Alexander

Hello, my name is Alexander Lombardi. I was born in Starnberg, Germany and grew up with my mom and a younger brother. I always believed in God, even though I didn't grow up in a Christian home. At the age of 12, my mom started attending a nearby church. She came to know the Lord and we started attending the church together. I joined the “Teen Club” and for the first time I heard that I need to have a personal relationship with God. I decided to live for the Lord at the age of 17. After my training as an accountant in 1992, I decided to attend the Word of Life Bible Institute at Schroon Lake. It was a very good and exciting time. God really worked in my heart and I decided to go into full time service after that.