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Anika Anderson

Missionary to Portugal

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Ministry Description

I am involved in my local church, discipleship, hospitality, and my desire is to start doing more design/reno project on our property to help bring our facilities to life.

About Anika

I was born into a Christian home - my dad is a pastor/farmer and my mom stays at home. I was saved after my family went to a Billy Graham crusade when I was 6. I talked to my mom a few days after and she explained the gospel to me again, it was at that point in my life that I accepted Jesus as my savior.

Growing up, my family was always in church. I was the "good little girl" at church, but at home I was not so good; I was rebellious and had a hard heart.

It was not until my high school years that the Lord started to work on my heart, He using a lot of things to get ahold of me. When I finally started to pay attention to what He was saying, I realized that I needed to make the faith of my parents my own and not just something that I did every Sunday and Wednesday. After I graduated I went to Word of Life Bible Institute. I had a discipler in my first year who was not afraid to ask the hard questions, to call me out on the anger and bitterness I had been carrying for so many years. After my second year at the Bible Institute I moved to the Dominican Republic, for two years, as a Cross Cultural Intern with Word of Life. The Lord used that time to show me how selfish and prideful I am. I learned that anytime you work with people it is messy, there is beauty in brokenness, everyone has a story, and everyone needs the love of Jesus. I have had a lot of ups and downs in my walk with the Lord and I am so thankful for God's unending grace, patience and kindness to me! I am just a simple girl from a small town that wants to make an eternal impact in this crazy world that we live in.

How different would our world look if we where kind to people the way God has been kind to us?

I don't know, but lets try it. You lose nothing from being kind.