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Brandon Hawkins

Brandon Hawkins

Missionary to Taiwan

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Ministry Description

I serve at SYME teaching students about God through English as the main focus of my work. Sometimes, other opportunities are available as well though. These range from improving our material between and during terms at SYME, to finding new ways to engage Taiwanese people in our community. I am also learning Chinese and am enjoying the opportunities that come from being able to understand more about people through my studies. Taiwan is a very diverse missions field with constantly adapting needs and opportunities so my responsibilities here often change with it.

About Brandon

I first understood salvation when I was just four years old. My mother explained in the most basic of terms that there was a deeper punishment for the bad things I had done than I understood. She explained that this punishment would see me separated from God for all eternity but because God loved me, He paid the price with His own Son. I was very fortunate to have grown up in an environment where I was encouraged to seek after God and His will for my life. When I was a student at the Word of Life: Bible Institute, God really began to make it clear in my mind that missions was the only thing that I could really envision myself doing. I thought back to the time I got to spend in Taiwan during my second year and decided that I would go there to spend some time learning about day to day life there and see if this could be a long term home for me. I decided to come for just four months starting in January of 2020, but with the virus that emerged later on, that trip got extended. God works in ways we do not understand, but one result of this is that I know that I'll be here for much longer than four months.

Life Verse

Romans 6:9-11