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Cristian and Patricia Perez

Cristian and Patricia Perez

Missionaries to Mexico


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Ministry Description

I currently participate in Word of Life's Local Church Ministry known in Spanish as “MIL”, organizing Bible clubs for the Mexico City area.

About Cristian

I’m from Argentina and I was born in a Christian family. At the age of 8, I received in my heart and my life Christ as my personal savior. As I grew up I learned about Jesus life, but due to a misunderstanding with a leader of my church, the pride took place in my life and in my heart I began to draw away from God and the church, till the age of 11 when I definitely quit.

The time went by and 13 years later, I was once invited to attend a one week camp which was organized by Word of Life ministry. During that week, the Lord confronted me with all the wrong decisions that I made being away from Him. So, it was then at the age of 24 that I reconciled with God. The immediate summer, I was given the privilege of being part of the camp staff that Word of Life had just organized. The same year, I started a 4 years Bible studies program at the Word of Life Bible Institute. I finished my studies in 2003, and joined the missionary team in Argentina where I served for about 5 years.

By mid 2008 year, I moved to Mexico where I’ve been serving as full time missionary in different areas of Church ministry and summer camps.

Life Verse

Acts 20:24