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Daniel and Karin De la Rosa

Daniel and Karin De la Rosa

Missionaries to Guatemala


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Ministry Description

Bible Clubs in the South west of the country, season camp, medical trip, conference of leaders and woman, Bible School Teaching, Sports Marathons.

About Daniel

When Word of Life’s ministry started in my church, my wife and I were challenged to start working with teenagers. This was a huge change in our lives because we were discipled and trained, and we found that God wanted to use us full time to serve him in this ministry. During the time we have seen His faithfulness in our lives, a lot of teenagers that have given their lives to Christ, and some of them are serving the Lord full time, and our 3 children serving with us and studying the bible to serve the Lord better. It is a big passion for us to reach the youth with the gospel of Christ, thank you for your support and prayers, God bless you.

About Karin

I received Christ when I was 8 years old and I’ve always gone to Nazaret Church. Along with my husband, we met Word of Life in 1999 when our church invited us to be leaders of the youth group. Then Marcelo Diez told us about going to the Bible Institute in Argentina, and we went there in 2008-2009 with our 3 children. Now we are working in the WOL Guatemala ministry since 2010 and my husband and I are in charge of the Bible Clubs at the south west part of the country “malacatan”. I am also teaching moral (bible) in a public school in the city and I’m discipling 3 girls in my church.

Life Verse

2 Corinthians 12:15