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David and Naty Brady

David and Naty Brady

Missionaries to Argentina


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Ministry Description

Day to day at word of life is pretty amazing when I think about it. At 8:30 every weekday we have a staff prayer meeting to start our day off. From there I enter the Scene Shop to get the work prepared for the students in the afternoon. At 2:30 in the afternoon we have about 10 students come in and help us with the sets and various activities we do on campus. This is where it gets interesting. Some of the students have no idea what end of the table saw cuts, so it is our job to teach them. From safety first to final touches. A persuit of perfection is our key to success. I believe that equiping these students to do what we do will enable them to be useful lay people in thier home churches.

Also on campus we assist in an evangelistic ministry called Show Infantil. Putting it shortly we go through all of Argentina preaching the gospel through drama ministry. We take 35 students, ten days at a time to tour the country. In those ten days we will present our show from 15 to 30 times infront of thousands of people. We take our own sound systems, lighting systems, staging and around 250 costumes with props. The students get to experiment for themselves the love of the body of Christ with all of the churches that host us in the area. Many of which sacrifice a great deal in order to put us up and to feed us.

Finally on campus God is opening up the doors for me to help with the program that brought me to Argentina, the Bilingual Bible Program. This past year I was able to translate from spanish into english for the students, share devotionals and preach for them.

God is opening doors to influence lives and preach to thousands. God is good, all the time.

About David

Hello! A long time ago when I was six year old my mother was in a disipleship class and her homework for the week was to witness to someone. My first memories from when I was young were me sitting on her bed praying to God to save me from my sin so that I wouldn't go to hell. From that point on I started my Christian with varying degrees of success over the years. Until I graduated from high school.

In 2002 when I graduated from high school I came to Word of Life Argentina and attended the Bilingual Bible Program. At that point I took off in my spiritual life. Really understanding what a quiet time was, how to effectively study the bible, and evangelize on a large scale. In February of 2003 I dedicated my life to God and His service in a bonfire in Pichi Traful, a hotel owned and operated by Word of Life in the Andes mountains.

From there God started to move me and change my perspective about mission and true service. Attending the Bible Instutute in Argentina for three years prepared me theologically and spiritually for the missions field yet I felt that I was lacking in skills to serve him to my highest ability. For that reason I then attended Liberty University where I recieved a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre Production. With those skills in hand I returned to Word of Life to serve in the event coordination staff focusing on the evangelistic productions.

Life Verse

Isaiah 40:31