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David and Rosa Rodriguez

David and Rosa Rodriguez

Missionaries to Peru


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Ministry Description

Rosa and I are in charge of Gospel Productions in WOL Peru. Every year we present a new Children's Show that we take on tour along with the drama "Born Again to a Living Hope." We are able to present them in public schools, open squares and churches in different cities around the country, sharing the Gospel and counseling at the end in small groups. We plan all the stage design for Word of Life Camps, Conferences and special events as well.

We also serve in the Discipleship Training Center at our camp property and we are leading the youth group in our local church.

About David

I was born in Argentina. At the age of two, my parents came to know Christ and became students of the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. So, by the grace of God, I grew up in a Christian home. When I was 7 years old, my cousin died of a brain tumor. I realized that if I were in my cousin’s place I would not go to Heaven. My mother explained to me the plan of salvation, which I had heard before, and I received the gift of eternal life.

My teenage years were tough because I didn’t have many friends in school, but I was faithful in my church. At 14, during a week of camp, I made the decision to devote my whole life to God and His service. At 18, I was diagnosed with epilepsy, which I still battle with today. After high school, I decided to study stage production and set design with the hope that God could use all that for His glory.

In April of 2011, I became a student of the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina. God used that time to prepare me for full time ministry. I feel like God tore me down and then put me back together while at the BI. There, I also met my wife, Rosa. We were married in December of 2014 and now we seek to serve our Lord everyday wholeheartedly until He comes.

About Rosa

I did not have the privilege of being born in a Christian home, but when I was 6 my older sister started taking me to Sunday school. I heard the Gospel many times an I understood it, but I chose not to accept it.

Growing up, my parents were out of the house all day working. Meanwhile my sister’s husband was around and he was very violent and insulting. Even though I grew up with all the material things a girl could want, I missed out on the love and nurturing that a child needs. Needless to day, I grew up fast.

At 14, I decided to attend a church by my house because I would rather be at the youth group meeting then around the negativity in my house. I was learning God’s Word and thinking a lot about it, but it wasn’t until a New Year’s youth group event, on January 1, 2003, that I accepted Christ as my personal savior.

In 2005, I went to a Word of Life camp and I was challenged to develop Biblical principles in my life. I dedicated my life to the Lord and had the desire to go to the WOL Bible Institute in Argentina. To have the blessing of my parents to study at the BI, I needed to first finish my university studies. I went to college for 4 years and after that, God provided everything for me to go to the BI.

After 3 years in the BI, I returned to Peru to serve full time with Word of Life in 2012. At the end of 2014, I married David, whom I met during my time at the BI in Argentina. It is a privilege to serve together now in a ministry we love.

Life Verse

For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death. Psalms 48:14