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Debbie Rosales Mena

Debbie Rosales Mena

Missionary to Ecuador

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About Debbie

Hello my name is Debbie Rosales, by the grace of God I was born into a Christian Family where my parents were faithful to share the Gospel with me continually. Because of that I came to Christ at a very young age. Since my parents were missionaries I got to see very clearly what was to serve God from the people that were the closest to me and the people that surrounded me.

When I was in my junior year in High school, God called me to be part of full time ministry fully knowing the power of God to transform lives and the deep need for him in our lives. This calling got solidified by a mission conference that year. Since then I took steps to obey what God had put in my heart by preparing myself by learning more about him and his word, so I went to the Bible Institute of Word of Life NY. There God prepared to serve him more, by giving me opportunities in different aspects of ministry and preparing my heart for what he had in store for me. I also saw the deep need of God in the world and that he had prepared to help those who don’t know him. With Romans 10:13-15 God gave me a burden for evangelism. After finishing my two years of studies God guided me to serve back in my Home country to reach the Youth of Ecuador where I have been serving for the last year.